• We improve the quality of life and environment

  • We improve the quality of life and environment





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Our services

consultoriaOrganizational consultancy

generoGender and equality


formaciónCitizen participation

agroecoSustainability and agroecology



Organizational consultancy

We support public and private organizations in their strategic and operational planning, their process analysis and improvement, and their team development.

Equality and gender

We incorporate the perspective of gender into everything we do and we assist any company or organization in integrating this perspective into their operation.

Collective entrepreneurship

As a cooperative enterprise, we encourage and provide support to guide and successfully establish entrepreneurial initiatives linked to the social economy.

Citizen participation

From Tangente’s perspective, social, political and community participation is the process through which people (group, organization, neighborhood…) build a common outlook, cooperating to identify their needs and capacities, to mobilize their resources and to generate alternatives. Thanks to participation, exclusion is reduced and people gain autonomy, self-determination and good government.

Sustainability and agroecology

We offer many services to promote the local, comprehensive sustainability (economic, social and environmental) of our towns and cities.

Psychology and social intervention

We offer psychological therapy and counseling services and personal development training. In this way, we seek to empower people through learning abilities such as self-awareness, critical thinking, decision making or emotional regulation.


We communicate to transform society. We offer comprehensive communication services, from drawing up strategic communication plans, to content creation and dissemination and promotion plans.